I remembered hearing those words from a Sheryl Crow song; A Change Would Do You Good! So much has happened to me within a few short years. What started out as a curiosity to get some answers from a psychic became a new spiritual journey to seek some life answers and the meaning and purpose of my life and to quiet my mind and soul.

About 3.5 years ago, I was confused, no vision for the future of my life besides my a job which was going nowhere and I wanted more for myself. I had the feeling of restlessness and emptiness or hollow inside.

I have always believed in the mystical powers of the universe in some peculiar way. I believe in Karma, cause and effect and spirituality. So I went online and researched several psychics in the Southern California area. After a week of reading reviews about various psychics on Yelp, I found the psychic lady in Orange County and scheduled an appointment to come and see her. We will refer to this woman as the psychic lady. If you do a Google search you will find her, I promise, she is that famous in Orange County. I do make frequent trips to Orange County’s Little Saigon community when I am craving Vietnamese food, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do both.

The psychic lady opened my Pandora’s box, she is very gifted and said things about myself that are intimate feelings and my past experiences that only I know. She also told me about future events for me, and I did not provide her any information, not even a question. My expectations for her was to tell me what I needed to know and I am quite curious with a very inquisitive mind. I sat quietly in her room across from her and listened. What she did was channeled her psychic abilities, and she has excellent spirit guides around her. She told me what my purpose in life would be and knew all the great things I am going to do on this planet.

Now please keep in mind, this is the very first time I saw her and to hear all this information can be overwhelming. It was the beginning and the best way to describe this experience was like someone throwing a pebble into a pond. The rock dips into the water and creates a ripple effect, and the ripple grows bigger and bigger as it moves outward. The experience was the first of many revelations that will unfold in my life over the next 3.5 years until now. I left her session confused, lost and didn’t know which way to go but to continue living. She didn’t tell me that it will take 3.5 years of personal and spiritual growth. You will see that I reference both in my blogs. When I use the term God, it is the Universe for me and not a white man holding a staff. I use the word God and Universe interchangeably; I am a spiritual person.

Over the next three years, I changed jobs and saw her every six months, and she slowly helped to introduce me to self-healing such as meditations and understanding my Chakras. I took her guidance throughout the three years, but nothing profound was happening to me. I casually studied and read about all the various levels of meditations and Chakras. Youtube was a great learning tool for me, and I watched a lot of short videos about mediation, Chakras, and religions. I grew up Buddhist from my family and also-also understood western religion because I went to Sunday school as a kid. I incorporated both growing up, and I can’t remember if adults told me not do, and one religion was better than the other, I am grateful for that looking back, and I was not misguided.

Now let’s fast forward into the late summer of 2015, something was happening inside me, and I felt very restless and wanting to know more and trying to seek out answers in my life. There was this driving force in me, and it was making me do things that I would not usually do, and I spent countless hours reading and researching about the mystical Universe, and it’s fundamental universal laws. I was obsessed with wanting to know more and that there is something higher than my life and purpose to fulfill. During this time I decided to see other psychics. The reason why I decided to see other psychics was that I did not want to be too dependent on the psychic lady and also it was a way for me to validate/confirm what she was saying.

Over the next 4-5 months, I saw a total of about 7-10 different psychics, and most of them said the same thing which blew my mind. I also want you to know I did not spend a lot of money seeing the 7-10 psychics over the period of 4-5 months. What they said was that I am meant to do good things on the earth and my time is coming, and the Universe is reaching out to me so I could not ignore driving force.

At times, there was this driving force within me that had me do things that were out of character and sometimes in isolation to find calmness and peace which started me on the path to meditation. The meditation wasn’t something that I inherited from the universe. It was a slow and gradual learning process. Just like a baby, one step and a time before you can run. I started out 5 minutes of trying to shut my mind which helped me to understand what was happening to me. I certainly didn’t think I was crazy, in fact, I regard myself as being intelligent and rational.

During this time, I discovered things about myself that I blocked out for some reasons, good or bad, I have grown so much and learned so much about myself. Things that held me back that prevented me from manifesting my true desires. You cannot manifest anything when you have blockages in your life. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, that is between you and the creator. If you were the perfect creation, you could have anything you wanted, but we are not. I learned to stop having negative thoughts about myself and unintentional subtle feelings towards others. These negative emotions will hold us down in life, and it is part of the fundamental universal laws.

Sometimes the negative thought is so subtle that we don’t even think they are wrong but they still are negative thoughts. I also learned about the laws of attraction which is “Like Attracts Like.” It means that your thoughts and actions will attract others and things to you, good and bad. If you are a negative person, you will be surrounded by other negative people; misery loves company proverbs. If your life regularly has dramas, tensions, and troubles. You will regularly have that at your feet. Your circle of friends is similar as well. I choose not to be around those people, and this includes past friends, co-workers, and former colleagues. At this point in my life, I only want to be around healthy and supportive relationships. I can sense energy around me whether it is good or bad and know when to walk away.

Recently I did not have a pleasant encounter with a person, and I can share with you that this person is in a dark place. She doesn’t know it or choose not to see it. The relationship was not right from the beginning, and I tried to bring peace when interacting with her, but it wasn’t working. I have no ill feelings towards this person. I honestly think about her and pray that she sees the light for her good and loved ones around her. I can say this based on what I know and my intuitions, she is swimming with sharks. I wish her well, and I hope she finds peace. I no longer choose to be in the shadow as I step towards the light!

There are light and love within us and all around us!

Your friend,



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