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Here at Next One World, we take great pride in offering more than 10 years of fundraising experience by working hand in hand with Blackbaud to help the nonprofit organizations all over North America through making the world a much better place. Back in those days, Tom, the founder behind Next One World, served as the software instructor for The Raiser’s Edge™ & The Financial Edge for two years. He was then transferred to department for Consulting Services and stayed in the position for an additional of 8 more years.

Tom is a certified expert when it comes to rendering topnotch customer service to all the customers of Blackbaud that ranged from health and human services, religious organizations, higher education and other kinds of causes that affect the world.

He has worked in every sector within the field of nonprofits. He has extensive knowledge and great understanding on how to pave way to the seamless integration of The Raiser’s™ Edge & The Financial Edge in order to meet the needs of both the Finance and Development Fundraising departments through offering a sound reporting and updates to the organization for them to continue focusing on their own mission and goals.

At Next One World, you can expect that our genuine passion in what we do is reflected and transferred to all of our quality services.

There are billions of dollars that currently at work all over the world and we help nonprofits in making the most out of this sheer availability. The organizations that we serve as Next One World heal sufferings, shape communities, change lives, and fill the world with happiness while preserving the resources that sustain the humankind.

We feel greatly honored that they have chosen us to help them in raising funds that make all of their amazing and vital work more possible than ever.

The results of the work that we do might already speak enough for themselves. However, we are always more than happy to delve much deeper to the things that we did to make everything possible.
The team behind Next One World is very passionate when it comes to helping all our clients to achieve the level of success that they deserve. It is because every time we serve our clients, we also change the whole world to become a better place.

Simply put, at Next One World, we listen, analyze, communicate and create.

We bring together all the things that you need in order for you to reach your goals and advance all your projects that will define the future of your organization.

Your Partner to Success

We are not only here to give you the services. More than that, we are here to serve as your partner.
What drives us at Next One World is the chance of becoming a part of your story.

We are here to build strong relationships with all the people living your mission.

We are here to live our own mission of collaborating and innovating with people who want to change lives through philanthropic actions and visions.

We are here to enact on our core values of integrity, rigor, candor, inclusion and teamwork.

We are here to share our expertise by way of events and insights and to learn from yours at the same time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the world a better place for everyone.

Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services.

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“Tom is amazing. You may have met him when you worked here last as he used to be our go-to Raiser�s Edge trainer back in the day and would come 3-4 times a year to train all the staff and pull our lists for appeals. When I came on staff way back in 2010 as the Fund Development Assistant, after 2 trainings he told Ken to save the affiliate money and use me to train staff on Raiser�s Edge because for what we needed, I would be able to teach the rudimentary skills while still pulling needed data, etc.
He�s a Raiser�s Edge master, a phenomenal trainer, and also someone I 100% trust as he�d never sell you something you don�t need.”

Laine Himmelmann

Corporate Development & PR Officer

“Tom is an amazing consultant. He takes the time to truly understand the clients desired outcome, asking questions about current process, what works now that is liked and is on the wish list. He thoroughly designs and tests his configurations to ensure client success. He constantly thinks outside of the box with his designs. All parties are always kept informed of his progress throughout the entire project and if deadlines need to be moved for any reason, he always explains the reasons why and does do far in advance so no one is every shocked by it occurring.”

Jenny Storch

CRM DM Consultant at Blackbaud

“Tom is an outstanding consultant. He is knowledgeable, approachable, and very timeline/budget oriented.
He implemented one of my largest deals- with a very large Non Profit Organization in the Los Angeles area. The project was successful from start to finish. The project came in on time and on budget. I always request Tom for my Clients because I know Tom will do an excellent job- and that the client will be very happy with the end result.”

Matt Rautenbach

Strategic Enterprise Account Executive- Higher Education at Blackbaud

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