I am constantly being disappointed by people or people who I thought were my friends. They make promises and never keep them. I spent my whole life being disappointed and abandoned as a child so trust issues are very hard to deal with. When I open my heart and get disappointed by a certain person(s), it makes me want to close myself back up again and go back into isolation where I am most comfortable. Over the past 2 months, 5 people have let me down. I will not make a promise to anybody that I cannot keep because I know how it feels to be disappointed.

I am very giving and quick to respond to anyone. It is my nature and reciprocation is hardly given back to me. It makes me question and give doubts to myself. The lack of insincerity from not just one person but a group of people can be very sad. I would like to know why they don’t keep their promises to me and what has caused this? I will find out someday.

I am sure they didn’t even give it a thought and assumed I have forgotten about it but I cling on to those words like a child looking for love. I guess I am searching in the wrong people or groups of people. They don’t even know each other and it is just by sheer coincidence that they have similar characters. Maybe there are character flaws that I was drawn towards unconsciously? In the past, I would block the hurt out of my mind and allowed it to silently consumed me….not anymore. I thought they are my friends but now I know I cannot depend on them.

It makes me realized that they aren’t truly friends and I am being tested by god to have the wisdom and understanding to know when it is right and wrong. I am constantly being reminded by my psychics to let go of old ties that no longer serve me and I keep going back to them for some masochistic reasons. I need to identify who my true friends are and let the others go as I move into the next phase of my life cycle and the work that I am meant to do. These so-called friends will hold me down due to their own insecurity, self-doubts and fears. They will come around when they are ready and I will be there with open arms to them, it is god-like which is to love and forgive.

One thing I learned recently is that a child clings to your every word and any promises that you make. When you do not fulfill those promises, it is very harmful to the child and creates another let-down moment and failure. Any child psychologist will tell you that as well. Never disappoint a child and NEVER make promises that you cannot keep. You find it in every way possible to make it to their recital, ballets, plays, soccer games, etc. that you promised you will go to. Even if you have an emergency and try to convince them, it is still failure on your part.

If you say that you are going to do something, don’t forget your promise because they won’t. I am hurt, saddened but I now know who my friends are and it is getting clearer and clearer every day. I need to let go of certain friends from my past that no longer serves me.

Lessons Learned: move forward and don’t look back, accept the experience that was given to you and grow from it. Everything in life happens for a reason and you are to grow from these experiences. Don’t internalize as if it was your fault. Everybody has their own journey and the path they choose. If your friends are true, you will have them for life. For every 1 that you lose, you will gain 10 more better! My soul is changing and I am meant to be around other healthy kind supportive souls. Jealousy, envy and competition have no place among good friends. We need to build each other up and not knock each other down. I know that I am going to do great things in this world and fulfilling my divine destiny. I will attract other good souls to me along the way. Like attracts Like!

There is love and light within you and around you!

Your friend,




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  • 11 Feb 2016