How You Can Save the World!

This blog was written by a friend, Cindy Hardy, as I continue to find ways to reach my audience to inspire, motivate and uplift others. Enjoy!   How You Can Save the World! written by Cindy Hardy     We’re all in this together; the world cannot function...

I am a Lightworker and my job has just begun!

Recently I understood what my calling in life is and my soul purpose / mission.  I didn’t know what the term lightworker meant, as I continue to researched and dwell into seeking answers within myself and on the internet.  What I discovered the terminology is called...

A Change Would Do You Good!

I remembered hearing those words from a Sheryl Crow song, A Change Would Do You Good! So much has happened to me within a few short years. What started out as wanting to seek answers about what was happening in my life and it felt like I was living a mundane life. ...

The Power of Giving!

Why is so important to give back? Because it feels great!!!! There are many ways you can give back and nonprofit organizations love them all.  Whether it is your time through volunteering, money, or goods.  If you want to donate used clothing that you have kept in...

We All Have A Purpose In Life!

I am extremely excited to launch my new business and the road to entrepreneurship.  Looking back on my life and the paths that I have traveled which includes the success and lessons learned (I don’t refer to them as mistakes now), I can say that I am going...



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