Giving Back

Life is a continuous journey and along the way, we get to discover who we are, what we can do and how we can help in our own little ways.

In the Giving Back section, we want to share with you some of the collective ideas and thoughts that we hope will inspire, uplift and motivate others. Not just our valued customers but more importantly, even those individuals who also feel and know in their hearts that they ought to do something not only for themselves but also for the people and the world around them.

Giving Back is all about sharing some pertinent life lessons through the years, including not just the victories but even the pains and sorrows. When we can identify and have the realization of our sufferings and weaknesses, we will be able to grow as a person to become a better version of ourselves, and during this process, we hope to inspire and help others. The strength from within comes from a place of humility.

This section is open to guest contributions, and together we want to invite you to in creating a significant movement and a breakthrough revolution for humanity in the whole community.

Let the motivation and inspiration begin….

The Show Must Go On!

Today is my first day back working with Kronos again. I am very grateful that my manager had a position available for me. Kronos is one of the best company to work for, and the management team is very supportive. I am proud that they are an extension of my family. I...

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To Meditate or Not?

I decided to write a blog about my experience through meditation and how it has helped me in a lot of areas in my life. Meditation has helped bring tapped emotions that I have blocked and it has given me clarity in my life. It is amazing how calming the mind can...

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Broken Promises

I am continually being disappointed by people whom I thought were my friends. They make promises and never keep them. I spent my whole life being disappointed and abandoned as a child, so trust issues are very hard to for me. When I open my heart and get disappointed...

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Unstoppable Drive to Succeed!

I have always had this intense drive for me to succeed. When I put my thoughts/mind into doing something, nothing will stop me, and I focused all my energy and actions on doing it. I usually have a timeline, and I talk myself into it all day to get my mind ready to...

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Strive to Inspire

Written by Cris Genc Have you ever pondered the simple questions in life? What do you think is most important in life? Is it some material possessions that you have? Is it the many appointments that you have to check off your schedule? Is it to support yourself or...

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The Evolution of This Section – Giving Back

What started out as my desire to contribute to my fellow peers in this world, has evolved into something more and a new path/journey has opened up for me. Inspirations to others have also given me motivations to make a significant change in the world. I am incredibly...

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How You Can Save the World?

This blog was written by a friend, Cindy Hardy, as I continue to find ways to reach my audience to inspire, motivate and uplift others. Enjoy!   How You Can Save the World! written by Cindy Hardy We’re all in this together; the world cannot function without the...

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