This blog was written by a friend, Cindy Hardy, as I continue to find ways to reach my audience to inspire, motivate and uplift others. Enjoy!



How You Can Save the World! written by Cindy Hardy

We’re all in this together; the world cannot function without the helping hand of another. The world needs constant saving, and fortunately for the people of the world, there are people of the world who will selflessly go out of their way to do so. Either it is saving trees, protecting an endangered species or a group of people, these brave women and men will strive to do the right thing to bring peace and harmony.

These groups of individuals, however, cannot help other people until they are not aided themselves. It is an infinite cycle of looking out for one another. These people, organizations, etc. must have access to a good amount of resources to, say, has an event to raise awareness about their whole motive. These non-profit organizations cannot do that unless they are donated to.

Supporting the Important Causes

As a donator, you might not be physically involved in the cause, for example, you might not be a doctor but you just as importantly support their work in finding the cure for diseases. You might not have ever been to the Amazon forest, but you are actively supporting their preservation. Whatever the cause is, you directly support its relief.

Helping Yourself

While it cannot be said for everyone, a lot of people will feel an utter sense of satisfaction after donating to a non-profit organization or just helping them out in any way they can. Because if someone helps with, say, funding the cure for cancer, which is a global problem, they can’t help but feel good that they are an active part of trying to cure cancer. And it’s just not in huge amounts; the sense of satisfaction will come in ANY amount because every amount helps!

Help the Right Causes

Even though many selfless non-profit organizations are running around the world, many use their status to fulfill their greed and selfishness. They trick people into thinking that they are legitimate organizations and often collect huge amounts, the same amounts that could have been used for so much better.

It is, therefore, imperative for people looking to donate to first research the organization and their reputation extensively. When the possible donator is entirely satisfied after reading reviews etc., it is then when they should go forward with their money.

The sole existence of charities is to help out those who cannot do themselves. Humanity exists in co-existence. We cannot bear weights on our own. We need another to push that huge boulder out of the way to get across the bridge.

You don’t need to be superman to save a life; you just have to have a sense of selflessness that Superman has. You can always help out by donating to deserving charities, and it doesn’t matter how much you give, what is important is that you just do. In the end, when the person who now is cured for cancer comes out to thank individuals who helped him, he will not distinguish between the person who gave $1000 to the person who gave $10.


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