Recently I understood what my calling in life is and my soul purpose/mission. I didn’t know what the term Lightworker meant, as I continue to researched and dwell into seeking answers within myself and on the internet. What I discovered was the terminology called lightworker. I won’t go into great details of what lightworkers are and the roles they play for humanity, please feel free to click on the link and read up about it. I am not alone, and there are others on this journey and fulfilling their callings. Everything that has happened to me brought me to this spiritual realization.

I must find ways to inspire myself and others around me. Being a lightworker for me is through leadership and living life as a positive example to illuminate the way for others to follow. The current situation that I am in is the beginning of my light working path. This section of my website – Giving Back is also part of the process, but it will evolve and grow into something bigger, I am sure of this. It’s also how my mind process and expands ideas and thoughts.

Into what? I don’t know, and each path I take leads me down a new exciting discovery. It’s no longer fun when you know everything; it takes the mystery of life away. An excellent example of how things evolve for me that I can share is this recent company name change. What started out as creating a consulting website called Huynh Consulting evolved into Next One World. I feel it is in alignment with my soul purpose and it was a message from the angels to change it. Huynh Consulting was an idea that grew, and the new name is a representation of hope for humanity for the better. It also fits into what the company’s goal of working with nonprofit organizations fulfilling their missions.

A new door and opportunity have opened for me which I can tell you are doings of angels and spirit guides helping me through this process. Thoughts have come into my head and have led to actions for me in creating my future. I will make the most of this opportunity and will walk forward with confidence and know in my heart that I am fulfilling my karmic destiny. Through this process, I will inspire and motivate others along the way.

I was told a few months ago by a gifted palmist and psychic Professor Sassi, that my old cycle was ending and a new spiritual period is about to begin. Professor Sassi is an amazingly compassionate man. Once in your lifetime, you meet someone so kind and genuine, he is the one. Professor Sassi is an angel on earth He is very gifted and psychic that he can look at a person and know so much about a person soul searching. This new spiritual cycle will take me into the next phase of my life, and I want to do right things.

I regularly see messages and inspirations from angels guiding me through the next half of my life; sometimes I feel like I am being auto-piloted to do things that are out of my character. I guess their messages to me was to get back into alignment and stop deviating from my path to fulfilling my mission. This blog is a confirmation and affirmation that I see, hear and feel you around me. Thank you for your blessings and guidance as I start my new journey and fulfilling my soul purpose! The time is NOW=Next One World!

There are light and love within us and all around us!

Your friend,



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