Nonprofits no longer need to be behind the times when it comes to technology and online marketing. It used to be a common understanding that nonprofits needed to be frugal and penny-pinching to maintain a reputation for not being interested in making a profit. But the truth is, with the changing face of technology and trying to keep up in a world where online marketing is king, it is of utmost importance for nonprofits to step up into the 21st Century and cultivate relationships with donors from all age groups and demographics. Rebuilding a foundation of realizing the importance of funding for entering into the important and beneficial world of technology and social media marketing.

Nonprofit organizations can view it as an investment in the future for the maintenance of their structure and relationships with their donors. Also, investing in training their employees is also vital. It speaks highly of the organization in the staff career development.

Social media can now play a very vital role in campaigning for nonprofit organizations. Using Facebook, for instance, to create an ad that leads to a campaign or an event fundraiser page can quickly go viral within minutes if it is done correctly using the right software. We are now living in the age of funnels, landing pages, lead pages, squeeze pages, and opt-in pages to build a list of potential clients, customers, donors, and followers. Without the critical link to these social media platforms that have a reach of thousands of people, nonprofit organizations are seriously missing the boat regarding marketing and reach.

Remember the intensity and viral reach of “The Ice Bucket Challenge” a few years back, when they were raising money for ALS? This challenge was viewed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube! Recently, I learned how fun it could be to create YouTube videos and within the past the past two weeks; I have created about six videos. The landscape of communications through social media is rapidly changing, and I see this trend continuing for the next ten years.

There are some very significant reasons why it is a good idea for nonprofits to begin taking a closer look at the changing face of technology and how it relates to the influence of online direct marketing and reaching out to find or locate donors from a much broader spectrum. In fact, one could assume, that through the use of these channels, it isn’t unrealistic to think that a nonprofit in the U.S. could begin communications with a donor on the international level. Examples of this can be seen by Red Cross especially when we have a significant catastrophe such as the Tsunami or Haiti Crisis.

Another essential component of technology about the nonprofit organization is the use of donor management software. Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge® is one of the most popular software used in the nonprofit sector; it is crucial to have consistent contacts with donors to keep them engaged in the organization’s mission, as well as tracking prospective donors through the use of interaction management and gauging the propensity to give.

Overall, the need for the latest technological software and using cloud-based will be here to stay. Online marketing techniques for a nonprofit organization fundraising are continually evolving, and change is here to stay. It is something that can no longer slip through the investment budget.


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