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Next One World is a full service nonprofit and fundraising management and consulting firm. We know all too well that development initiatives and successful campaigns achieve the immediate goals and at the same time, enhance the strength, image and mission of an organization to attain a longer lasting sustainability. Next One World offers services that our clients can use individually or as a single comprehensive package, services which have all been tailor made to allow every client to find and trace their own path to the highest levels of success.


Here at Next One World, you can expect for a comprehensive suite of all the right complementary services that can meet the challenges that are all too common in today’s technology world. Solidly built on the extensive accumulated knowledge and resources of Next One World, our consultant can bring to the table only the finest methodologies and thinking for creating a strong client partnership.


Make the Most Out of the Strength of Integration for The Raiser’s Edge and The Financial Edge Combination


Get rid of wasting all of your efforts while simultaneously preserving the essential information of every department through the improvement of how the information flows between the two departments. We can help your organization in the establishment of links between your existing Blackbaud systems as well as the practical processes in your business that will secure and guarantee the integrity of all your data.

The Financial Edge® Software Training and Consultation

Next One World’s Financial Edge consulting and training is truly one of a kind through the assigning of one NOW Financial Edge consultant to the organization during the whole duration of the consulting and training process. it doesn’t matter if you require advanced or basic training, a re-implementation or new implementation, a system upgrade or a system review because your dedicated NOW consultant will render you with both stability and consistently during the whole transition.

Implementation and Training Services

Our one of a kind approach involves assigning one skilled consultant to your organization who will guide you during the whole process of implementation, from the initial assessment of needs up to configuration, training and meeting the unique needs of the whole organization.

System Review and Evaluation

Our services for system review offer recommendations on how organizations will be able to better leverage the software. This is the result of our knowledge and experience that we were able to acquire through working with many similar organizations in the past.

Upgrading Your System

Next One World offers implementation packages that have been designed in order to allow a smooth upgrade to all of the newest offerings. The upgrade services that we offer provide training and expertise that will let you make the most out of the latest enhancements and features.

Redesigning Your Accounting System

You can benefit from the changes to your existing software setup. A setup that is carefully planned is the main ingredient in order to obtain the desired results from a financial system. Next One World has found out that the design of the system means a big difference between unsuccessful and successful users.

The Raiser’s Edge™ & The Financial Edge Integration


The Raiser's Edge


The Financial Edge

Eliminate duplication of effort while preserving each department’s essential information by improving how information flows between both departments.  We can assist your organization in establishing links between your Blackbaud systems and the practical business processes that will insure the integrity of your data.

The Raiser’s Edge® Training / Consulting.

Next One World’s Raiser’s™ Edge consulting and training sets itself apart from others as we assign one committed Raiser’s™ Edge consultant to the organization during the entire process of consulting or training. All of your company’s training consultants have rich experience when it comes to rendering services to nonprofit professionals and nonprofits alike. We are renowned experts when it comes to the delivery of both basic and advanced database training that is custom made to suit the needs of your organization.

Maximize Your Functionality: Choose Next One World

Consulting engagements will all be tailor made to meet the specific needs of your nonprofits. We will help you in completely utilizing your database, whether a new installation was made, there were some additional modules or an advanced user training is required.

Implementation and Configuration of New Installation as Cost Effective Alternative

We know your obligation of acting a good steward for the money that your donors entrusted to you and we can provide you with the significant savings compared to our competitors while we exceed your standard of service.

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