What started out as my desire to contribute to my fellow peers in this world, has evolved into something more and a new path/journey has opened up for me. Inspirations to others have also given me motivations to make a significant change in the world. I am incredibly excited about this new project, and it will be a massive undertaking for me which will challenge my heart and drive to succeed.

I will solicit the help of others to make this dream into a reality. I will use their technical skills and enterprise website design background to help me fulfill this mission, and we will collaborate to make the change. I recently purchased a new domain and will start the work soon.  I have a lot of ideas that I want this site to be and how I will share this with the world, especially the world of nonprofits. I am incredibly excited about this significant change and movement coming.

Our technology is rapidly evolving and trying to keep up with it can be extremely challenging. I am in the process of developing a website that will be a social networking and a platform for the nonprofit world, and it is free. I hope to find BETA testers. My actual goal is to open up fundraising globally to non-USA culture, and we are no longer bound by geographic. I think any international fundraising efforts are lead by western civilization.

I had a phone call with a friend that has been in fundraising for as long time, and I pitched the idea to her. I’ve known her for over a decade working together at Blackbaud. She asked an essential question to me; she said: “Why not use Facebook?”. My response to her was, Facebook is social networking and not fundraising and niche based. I am incorporating various platforms to this exciting idea, and it will bring the nonprofit world together vs. silos. With any ideas, they will evolve.

I don’t want to share too much but stay tuned! What will happen to this section? I will still keep it and use it like I always have which are my collective thoughts like before. The other platform is for the world community, and they can inspire and motivate each other for a better world for us all.

There are light and love within us and all around us!

Your friends,



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