Why is so important to give back? Because it feels great! There are many ways you can give back and nonprofit organizations love them all. Whether it is your time through volunteering, money, or goods. If you want to donate used clothing that you have kept in your closet for the past few years and have no intention of wearing them. Just give them to a good cause. Take it to The Brown Elephant if you are in Chicago or to Out of the Closet in Los Angeles they help and support the AIDS community and have been around for a very long time.

So many time when I am consulting with the nonprofit organizations, I am told they need volunteers to help them with light duties in the office since they don’t have a large budget for staffing. They also need skilled based volunteer pro-bono. Contributions and Fundraising plays a significant role in their mission and keeps the doors open. Day-to-day volunteering tasks can be light administrative duties such as stuffing envelopes for mailings or participating in a phonation calling their donors asking for money.

Habit for Humanity is an excellent example if you enjoy building or working with your hands. A huge part of their operations is all volunteer based. Without corporate and individual volunteers to help make these homes, the dream of owning a home for low-income families could never be obtained. Some of these families are on a waiting list for years and go through a grueling interview process to qualify.

I had the privilege of seeing Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina. I was in New Orleans slightly less than one year after the devastation, and I can tell you everybody that I met had stories to share. I was given a tour of the area that was impacted by a very dear friend of mine, Lynn O’shea Masterson, where the levee broke, and the grasses were about 6 feet tall and have not been for or abandoned for a long time. We drove down a row of brand new colorful homes built on stilts by Habitat for Humanity. This organization plays a significant role in our community, and their presence is seen in almost every city/region in this country.

I also met a lot of church volunteers from the airport shuttle to our offsite car rental facility. Volunteerism is a critical need in our community and society. They are the silent soldiers working for God and making a difference in our world. They work for free and to feel great!!

I also had the excellent opportunity volunteering at a Rescue Mission several years ago feeding the homeless during lunch, and I stood on the assembly line with other volunteers. We each had a station or task to perform, and we served meals to the homeless. I was instructed to give one sandwich per person if they asked for more. I would politely tell me that when they finished, they can get back in line and I will give them another one. It seems that the line did not stop and we continue to feed until the doors closed and lunch was over. Did I feel good doing it? I sure did, it felt great and rewarding as if I was a small part of an infinite universal movement of change.

The women shelter will take hotel toiletries that you do not use. I purposely collected them when I was traveling as a consultant and would accumulate enough of shampoos, conditioners, lotions and small soap bars for about six months, which can get pretty heavy up to 50 lbs worth. I would drop them off at the Downtown Women’s Center front desk, and they are very appreciative of them. I always felt terrible when I put the heavy box on the counter because this young Latina girl couldn’t lift off her desk. They told me they could never have enough toiletries.

I am about to embark on a new volunteer program that I have wanted to do for the past 20 YEARS. A friend introduced me to this fantastic program that I am passionate about; the timing was never right until now. I have done my initial orientation, and I am scheduled to do the interview next week.

I don’t want to share too much and will save it for the next blog. The thought of this program excites me because I truly believe it in and very passionate about and if you read my first blog “We All Have a Purpose in Life!“. You will understand and know.

Now that you have read this blog, I hope you are asking yourself… What can I do to give back to my community? Anything and Everything…There is a cause for everything in this country, and if you are in a metropolitan city, you don’t have to go far. If you are passionate about animals, go to the animal shelters or animal rescues. They need volunteers to help clean the kennel, and the shelters will take used open bags of dog and cat food. That is a massive operating expense for them. Don’t throw them away.

Giving back to your community by helping others and it will enrich your life. This link here is called Volunteer Match; you can search for any cause by any city. They will provide you with all the information you need. Do it!! I promise you it will feel great!!! Thank you for reading my blog!

I would like to end every blog with this. There are love and light within us and around us!

Your friend,



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